Ducks and Chickens are two different species of bird that has different nature and characteristics. A duck is classified as a swimming bird whereas a chicken is a farmed animal that often has its wings clipped so that they do not fly out of their coops. Chickens are farmed for their meat and also the eggs. Ducks are much less commonly farmed. It is not really a common thing to consume duck eggs, but their meat is used quite a lot.

In terms of meat, raising and eggs. The ducks have larger eggs with a thicker membrane otherwise they are very similar. Nutritional value wise they are very similar, taste wise they are similar too. Ducks have large number of advantages over raising chickens such as they are cold hardy, they have better immune system as they spend most time in pool so they are less vulnerable to parasites. They keep themselves cool by dipping into the water. They don't make a noise such as a hen when laying eggs before and after it. Male duck doesn’t cow as rooster does in morning Duck eggs are better than chickens because of their size and nutritional value.

Ducks are definitely more labour than chickens but it is not overwhelming, they just need more clean water. On the flip side many people find ducks way more fun. Duck eggs are bigger, richer, tastier and a little bit costly than chicken eggs. Also they're harder to find. Since they are partly larger, Duck eggs are more valuable than chicken eggs and also because they are not as plentiful in many areas as chicken eggs.

Ducks cannot be as easily farmed like chickens. Chicken is therefore cheaper and marketed more aggressively. Duck is harder to prepare and a lot fattier. They are also much easier to control than chickens. Ducks can forage a larger part of their diet than chickens. Chickens eat mostly grain and animal life, with greenery as a salad. Ducks eat grain and animal life but also considerably more greenery than chickens, including grass, as long as it is succulent and growing. In addition, ducks can make excellent use of wetlands, waterways, lakes, and ponds.

People who are allergic to chicken eggs can eat duck eggs. Some people are allergic to both. Some people claim to have problems eating duck eggs who can eat chicken eggs, though this pattern seems to be rare. Ducks from the better-laying breeds and strains can lay well enough to earn their keep for years. Laying chickens are usually not producing economically beyond the second year.

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