What is a lamb and how do you roast it? What is the best cut for a perfect lamb roast? Roasting lamb is not a rocket science, it is very easy to do and does not need to be complicated. A lamb is a sheep that is under one-year-old, and is known for its delicate flavour and tender flesh. Lamb meat is not as marbled with fat as beef or pork.

Roasting is one of the easiest and most delicious ways to cook meat. Roasting is a dry heat cooking method and it is best for cuts of meat that are naturally tender. The leg and rack are the most tender cuts of meat on a lamb. The best cuts for roasting are obtained from the loin and the rib. Other cuts that is best for roasting include leg, breast, best end of neck (also known as rack of lamb), shoulder, saddle and rump.

When roasting beef and lamb joints, the secret is to cook the joints in a moderate oven for slightly longer to ensure even cooking. Sear or brown lean cuts first, for very lean cuts. Pre-searing improves colour and flavour when roasting cut in a hot pan especially when using small, very lean lamb cuts that need only short cooking.  

Do not forget to weigh lamb joints before calculating your preferred cooking time. Know the correct degree of doneness, the degree of doneness of both large and small meat cuts is always measured at the very centre of the cut. When serving lamb roast, to ensure it retains its juices, always carve across the grain to ensure slices are tender. Make sure you let the meat rest before carving, making carving easier and the meat softer.

Nutritionally speaking, Lamb meat is an excellent source of high quality protein, iron and zinc and it also delivers a healthy dose of B vitamins. Lamb contains very little fat in the grain of the meat compared to other meats, the fats located on the outside edges of the meat can easily be cut off without compromising the flavor or tenderness.

When purchasing the perfect cut for your roast lamb be sure to look for pink meat with white fat. Always buy lamb from a source that you trust, a good supermarket, local butcher, farmers' market or shop, or your trusted online butcher shop. You can also find organically, grass-fed lamb in many supermarkets. Like most other organic meat and produces, you will pay a little bit more per pound for this option.

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