In these days’ people are already health conscious. They are concerned about where their food comes from, what it’s been fed and how it’s been raised. When you go to your favorite supermarket or shopping online and you see different food labels. You see the price of organic chicken and you ask yourself what is organic and why the price is different from a conventional chicken? What is the difference between these two?  Do they have the same health benefits or content? Which one is better? Too many questions in your mind but you don’t know what it really means. You only want the best for your family and making sure they are eating healthy.

More and more organic products are coming to market and one of these is chicken. Organic Chicken is raised to a specific standard, grown without artificial fertilizers or pesticides and are pasture fed from the time they are two days old.  These chickens are never given antibiotics, including in the egg. Eating organic produce can help limit the exposure to pesticides and chemical-based fertilizers. It is also cleaner and may be more environmentally friendly. Organic chicken has less fat and leaner cuts of chicken meat makes it even healthier protein choice. Organic chicken costs almost double the price of conventional chicken. It may look slightly different as it is often smaller and paler than conventional chicken because they do not have any colorings or salt solution for prevention.

Many people describe conventionally raised chicken in a negative way, because they believe organic is healthier. Conventional meat and poultry are fed conventional food or grain fed. The pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers in the grain are then stored as toxins in the fat of the animals. Conventionally raised animals do not get the exercise needed to keep them healthy because they are usually kept in confined cages day and night. Some major problems with non-organic animal meat is that they tend to bio accumulate toxins to a higher degree than vegetables.

A research comparison about organic and conventional chicken is still ongoing. To date there is no significant vitamin or mineral differences were found between the two. Although some proof indicates that organic chicken has more of the heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. You may choose organic chicken because you feel it is healthier or conventionally raised chicken due to price considerations. Whichever you choose meat consumption should always be in moderation.

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