Who said grill is best only for meat, poultry and sausages? The grill is great for more than just burgers and hot dogs. There is nothing better than fresh seafood or fish served hot off the grill and great way to enjoy tasty seafood dishes with family and friends. Prawns, lobsters, scallops, and fish, whatever it is it can benefit from quick cooking and smoky flavour infused by grilling on the hotplate. Cooking seafood or fish on a barbecue is an excellent way to bring out the best of its flavour and texture. There’s no evidence that grilling can cause cancer. But cooking seafood and fish at the high temperatures you use to grill produces compounds linked with some cancers. But if you look at a bigger picture, there are much greater risks than grilling seafood and fish.

Grilling seafood is a little trickier. Certain types of fish make better choices than others, and some are not the best for grilling at all, especially the delicate ones. Delicate fish like tilapia, cod or flounder don't fare so well on the open flame. These type of fish are more likely to become flakey, tend to break up and fall through the grate. Be sure to always choose a firm and hearty fish. Prawns, shrimp, scallops, and squid work nicely on kabobs, which can be marinated or not depends on your taste.  Seafood tends to require less cooking time than meat, so be sure to keep a close tab on the process.  Before cooking oily fish like bluefish, scallops and salmon, dry them thoroughly with paper towels. They tend to consume water and that makes it hard to dry-grill. Sear or grill them in a small amount of flavored butter or oil, but remember that butter will burn so be careful with it.

Most seafood dishes on the BBQ take just minutes to cook. There’s a secret to grilling fish whether using gas, charcoal, electric or grill pans. Get your grill really hot and sear the fish as soon as it hits the grate. This will retain its natural juices and immediately firms the flesh, it would be easier to flip and less likely to stick to the grate. Brush the seafood and fish with some fresh lemon juice and melted butter while barbequing to add flavour and help keep the fish moist and also to avoid sticking. To know when your fish is done could be the hardest and trickiest part of grilling. Your fish is already cooked when the meat will flake easily with a fork and will appear opaque all the way through. It is very easy to grill seafood and fish, just follow the two rules: First, don’t think about it too much and second make sure it will not stick.

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