Our Grain Fed Sirloin consists of a rich supply of tough connective tissue. It has an excellent supply of fatty tissue helping your steak retain its juices and tenderness.

This piece of meat comes from a Grain Fed cow. All cattle are grass-fed at the beginning of their life cycle (up to two years). In the final months, grain-fed cattle move onto a feedlot for at least 60 days and are fed a nutritionally balanced, high-energy, grain-based feed. This feeding regime results in a consistent meat and fat colour, often with high levels of marbling.

Butcherman offers a lean Sirloin steak, well flavoured and moderately tender at an affordable every day price. It is convenient and great value with no bones and little fat. It is versatile, juicy and delicious.

At Butcherman we enjoy providing select grade meats fresh to your door. We have been distributing finest quality meats to Sydney’s finest restaurants for over 25 years and we guarantee your satisfaction. You will love our Grain Fed Sirloin.