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Shop with us to get the premium best tasting T-bone steak. T-bone is a steak of beef cut from the sirloin. It is cut closer to the front, and contain a smaller section of tenderloin. Our extensive range of delicious 100% Australian beef cuts includes juicy rib eyes, tender eye fillets, tasty T-bones and superb sirloins, just to name a few. Our range also includes only the highest quality (Certified by MSA & CAAB) grass fed, grain fed, wagyu, and Certified Angus Beef so you can shop based on your taste and preference.
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The T-bone steak is one of the most requested cuts of meat because of just how tasty and juicy it is. For those that don't know, the t-bone steak is the steak of beef that is cut right from the short loin. That piece of meat is then met with a T-shaped bone that features meat on each side.

When you buy t-bone steaks, it is usually then grilled on a BBQ. That's because these dry heat cooking practices often produce the best taste. This is due to the fact that they have less collagen in them than other cuts of meats do. In other words, a cook could tenderise the meat in a short amount of time.

This kind of steak also has the power to draw in heat within the meat, which allows for more evenly cooking. This will then prevent the steak from drying out or decreasing in size while cooking. The part of the steak that is near the bone tends to cook slower than the rest of the meat. The T-bone steak is one of the most sought out types of meat because of the flavorful taste it provides and aromatic smell it gives off while cooking.