10 Important Things To Know When Cooking Pork

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Pork is an extremely delicious type of meat as long as you know how to cook it!  Lots of people aren’t familiar with the various cuts of pork and don’t know how to cook pork to maximise the flavours. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 10 important tips about the different types of pork, how to cook pork, and how to make it as tasty as possible.

  1. Cook Pork Shoulders Over Low HeatWhen cooking pork that is taken from the shoulder, it’s best to cook it slowly of low heat in gently simmering liquid. This will help to melt away the excess fat and soften the connective tissues, giving a tender and moist piece of pork!
  2. Dry Heat Pork LoinPork loin tends to be fairly tender so it’s perfect for cooking quickly over dry heat.  For a delicious and easy dinner, try roasting, grilling or pan-frying some pork loins. Simply delicious!
  3. Roasting HamThis is the type of pork is generally sold cured, cooked or smoked. If you have the time, you can glaze and then roast a leg of ham to add some extra flavour. If you don’t know how to do this, there are a lot of online recipes that can teach you how to cook pork ham. With a few instructions and a bit of time, it’s easy as pie!
  4. Grill and Roast SpareribsEveryone loves some delicious ribs, but lots of people don’t know how to cook pork spare ribs! We recommend roasting them with a delicious marinade, it’s easy and hassle free. You can also try them on the BBQ – either method is impossible to mess up.
  5. Take Time to BrineBefore cooking pork, make sure that you invest some time to brine it first. Since lots of pigs are bred to be lean, the meat can have a low content of fat. Less fat means less moisture when cooking pork, so the best way to solve this is to brine the pork in salt and water!
  6. Do not over cook If you do not know how to cook pork like the experts yet, there’s one golden rule. Don’t overcook the meat!  While it’s important to cook pork for long enough that it kills the bacteria, make sure you don’t dry out the meat.  Slightly pink inside is absolutely fine for eating!
  7. Let Meat Rest Before CarvingLetting the meat rest for about ten to fifteen minutes before you carve it will allow the juices to redistribute throughout the pork. This is imperative in order to have meat that is as tender and moist as possible.
  8. Avoid the FatWhen buying pork, stay away from cuts that have too much fat around them. You can use other techniques when cooking pork to ensure that it stays juicy and tender.  A lot of fat isn’t necessary and may just make the meat chewy for eating.
  9. Fresh is Gray or PinkWhen shopping for pork, look for pork that is pinkish in colour. This is how you can determine that the pork is fresh and worth buying!
  10. Store SafelyOnce you buy your pork, store it immediately and refrigerate it until cooking. If you aren’t planning on cooking your pork within five days then it’s a good idea to freeze it.

So there you have our top ten tips for cooking pork!  With the guidance of a delicious recipe and these tips, you’ll know how to cook pork in no time at all. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get cooking!

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