5 Tips for Braising Beef

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The beef round steak is taken from the rear leg of the cow. Being a frequently used muscle, this cut of meat is healthy and lean, but is also quite tough.  Fear not – this is no reason to avoid cooking beef round steaks! Braising your beef will make it tender and delicious to enjoy. Here are our top five tips for braising beef rounds.

  1. Delay the Salt. When preparing your beef, don’t be in a hurry to add the salt. Wait until you’ve browned or seared your beef, as adding it before cooking will draw out the moisture. Also leave any fat on the meat until after you have finished braising the meat in order to preserve its juiciness.
  2. Sear Your Braised Steak. Sear each side of the steak before you start braising as this will help to seal the juices in the meat. This is a key step in order to make a tasty and tender piece of beef.
  3. No High Flame, Please. One of the secrets to braised steak is to cook it slowly.  That means high flame is a no-no! So if you really want to get a tender braised steak, you will have to practice patience. The longer you steak cooks at a low heat, the softer it will be to eat.
  4. Use the Sauce. Don’t throw away the pan juices – these are delicious and flavorsome. When you’re done braising your beef, simply let the pan juices cook over medium heat and reduce it to the desired consistency. If you find that it still isn’t thick enough for your taste, you can add some cornstarch into the mix.
  5. Try the Fork Test. The easiest way to determine if your braised steak is done is using a fork. rather than cutting in with a knife which will allow all the juices to escape, insert a fork into the thickest part of the steak, being careful not to make too larger whole. If the fork is able to puncture the meat without much resistance, your steak should be ready.

With these five easy tips, you can enjoy a deliciously tender and lean piece of steak.  So don’t look past the beef round steaks next time you’re shopping – they can make a tasty and healthy meal!

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