Quay Restaurant, Sydney

Australian Restaurants Among The World’s 100 Best


Australia has a unique cultural atmosphere that equals its unique natural offerings to the world. The cuisine of Australia is, quite justifiably, a point of national pride. Its restaurants are sought by world travellers and now, three of these have drawn accolades from the international culinary community. The annual list of 100 restaurants around the world worthy of intense praise, known as the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, has accorded three Australian venues a place with its peers. Below, we’ll explore what makes these three restaurants more than simply places to eat. They are, quite simply, food for the soul as well.

Quay Restaurant, Sydney, #58

One of the two Sydney restaurants to place on the list, the elegant fare served at Quay might be called fusion cuisine. It is, however, hardly like any other fusion food on the planet. That’s because their executive chef, Peter Gilmore isn’t attempting to blend two established cuisines harmoniously. Rather, it’s his guiding philosophy that brings fusion to the fore. His goal is to feature the unique bounty of Australia’s natural products—its breadth and depth of plant and fresh meat products—in a context of passion, purity, and intensity.

Quay Restaurant

He’s built a vivid, fresh, modern cuisine that truly doesn’t fit with any defined type of preparation using knowledge and produce garnered from his experimental garden. There, edible plants in all their parts are utilized to create an intense, unique, and unequivocally modern Australian cuisine that stands above all others. It’s this dedication and passionate focus on indigenous and local products that have catapulted Quay to its rightful place with the best restaurants of the human world. It’s impossible to select a single creation for which the Sydney restaurant is known, simply because each is as spectacular and singular as the last. Each dish represents a focus of thought and a genius for novel preparation and combination of both exotic and local foods.

Sepia Restaurant, Sydney, #84

This venue is the result of a brilliant collaboration between head chef Martin Benn and legendary seafood merchant George Costi. While it is also a work of passion and focus, it’s a justly praised culinary adventure informed largely by the masters of Japanese cuisine. Its beautiful menu centres on Australia’s bounty of natural foods drawn from the sea as well as the land, paired with carefully chosen wines from around the world.

Sepia Sydney

Like all truly magnificent restaurants, there is no single dish that stands above its fellows. They are all spectacular, each crafted carefully to bring a fusion of texture and colour to the guest. However, Sepia is legendary for its eclectic tasting menus, which are offered Tuesday through Thursday during the dinner seating and Friday during lunch. Then, on Friday evenings and all through Saturday, they present guests with an entirely new tasting menu. Sepia has quite deservedly earned a place among the world’s best restaurants. As a result of this, every Australian should be proud, and should seek to taste one of the best restaurants in Sydney’s unique table offerings.

Brae, Victoria, #87

Set amidst thirty productive acres in Birregurra, Victoria, Brae is an isolated oasis dedicated to balancing creation of some of the most delicious and unique offerings with a dedication to sustainable living. They not only draw much of their produce from their own organic garden, but also partner with local farmers. This ensures freshness, as well as infusing the local economy with capital. Neighbours help neighbours in the country, and Brae is no exception. Executive chef Dan Hunter heads a team of dedicated veterans in the culinary world, and brings his experience in some of the world’s best restaurants to the table. His preparations emphasize freshness, locally sourced products, and a true harmony of novel flavours, textures, and colours.

Because their menu offerings are directly tied to the local availability of foods and products, they don’t designate specific dishes in advance. Rather, their signature style allows them to offer the seasonal harvest—berries, herbs, greens, roots, and meats among other products—from which fresh, imaginative, and beautiful dishes will be created. Although they are isolated, this little hillside venue is about the deep connections we all bear in common with our food, our neighbours, and the earth at large. Take time to journey to Victoria and sample their extraordinary artistry and commitment.

While there are a number of truly marvellous restaurants in each city across the country, these three are exceptional. Their common thread, for they are each quite different from one another, is an executive staff dedicated toward the common goal of excellent food, prepared with a deep passion for the beauty of the edible world and a commitment to locally sourced or produced ingredients. We say ‘yes’ to whatever they’re serving, because it’s sure to be a singular experience.

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