Summer BBQ Meats

Best BBQ Meats for Summer


While grilling is a great way to prepare meat and vegetables all year round, it really comes into its own in the summer—a season of outdoor entertainment and a time when parties can comfortably sprawl out of doors. But not all meats are equal when it comes to flavour and quality. Just as these factors play a role in the success of your other party selections—from sides to deserts—so they also impact how well your guests receive main courses from the grill.

Origins of the Barbecue

Barbecues have come to entail any party typically held out of doors involving the use of a grill for cooking meat and vegetables. Traditionally, the term refers to the use of a ground oven to tenderize less desirable cuts of meat. It is thought to have originated among the Caribbean islanders and was spread to the Americas via the slave populations during the 17th century, where it was further refined. However, today, we use grilling rather than ground ovens, so it’s important to ensure flavour and tenderness at the outset.

Types of Meat

You have many different and delicious options at your avail. This article will provide a few points for your consideration when you’re planning your next party menu.

Beef is ever popular, but exercise care in your selection. One important thing to remember, whether you’re selecting steaks or ground beef for burgers, is that fat equals flavour and moisture. When choosing a cut of beef, you want to look for a nice consistent marble of fat in the muscle tissue. The best choices for the grill tend to be rump, sirloin, or fillet. For burgers, choose a ground round—80/20 ratio of meat to fat.

Sausage can be produced from a variety of meats and comes in a range of different flavours to suit every palette. The important considerations are quality of ingredients and at least 80 percent meat content. When you grill sausages, you can select a variety of flavours to suit all your guests or work on a consistent theme.

Chicken, pork, and lamb can provide interesting variations on the standard barbecue theme. Your best options with lamb are neck and leg fillets or cutlets. Barbecued pork chops with the bone in are fully cooked when you can no longer see pink near the bone. Grilling a quartered chicken? Break the joints so it will lay flat, and cook skin side up first. When the joints move freely and the juices are clear, it’s ready for the table.

Grilling meat is a delicious reason to throw a party, whether it includes just a few friends or all the neighbours. You can treat your meat in a variety of ways to augment its natural flavours, such as marinades or dry rubs, but it’s important that be room temperature when you put it on the grill. Cold meats won’t cook or drain evenly, which can lead to unpleasing results in regard to both flavour and texture.

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