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Best BBQ Spots in Sydney


The season for alfresco dining is upon us. That means picnics and barbecues with family and friends under a wide summer sky. In this article, we’ll suggest some of the most enchanting or family friendly spots around Sydney to spread the picnic blanket and unload the cooler. Stock up on meat for the barbecue, plenty of cool drinks, and hunt out a new sunhat.

Wendy’s Secret Garden

Located on Lavender Bay, this secluded spot is perfect for a quiet lunch with someone special or a relaxed early picnic supper with family and friends. Created by Wendy Whiteley in honor of her husband, the garden celebrates the memory of one of Sydney’s most memorable artists—Brett Whiteley. By transforming the derelict plot adjacent to their home following her husband’s death in 1992, Wendy created a space where enchantment could grow. Now, instead of tangled lantana and discarded mattresses, winding paths beguile the eye and shade trees offer peaceful seclusion for every visitor.

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A Meal with a View

Mrs. MacQuaries Point offers visitors a fabulous view of the city. It’s little wonder why this charming bivouac is one of the most popular spots for a picnic. As part of the Royal Botanic Gardens, it boasts the well-beloved and iconic face of the city from the opera house to the bridge. At the point, visitors can take in the scene while spread their picnic feast on the grass. One caution to diners: this spot at the Point is incredibly popular with tourists, for its view, so don’t go expecting a peaceful, secluded dinner with your favorite city in the world.

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Observatory Hill

Located right in Sydney, Observatory Hill offers picnic enthusiasts a wonderful spot to lunch, pass the afternoon, and enjoy a stimulating postprandial stroll to explore the Rocks. The rotunda offers a stunning view of the harbor. It’s simply a short jaunt from Circular Quay, under the bridge, and up the gentle hill to a perfect spot for relaxed outdoor fun. When the sun has set and the time has come to pack up the remnants of your picnic, you can catch a ride across the bridge or easily retrace your steps.

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Bay Window

Gordon’s Bay is a lovely and little-known spot along the coastal walk between Bondi and Coogee. As a protected aquatic reserve, it boasts some of the most delightful lunch-time scenery, and tourists often do not venture down the stairs to view it in all its beauty. That means your picnic won’t be spoiled by too much foot traffic, a trouble that often accompanies the more popular and well-known spots in the area.
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Packing a Lunch

Visits to Currawong render the meaning of this phrase afresh. Isolated and nearly pristine in its natural beauty, this spot is located Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. It’s accessible only via regularly scheduled ferries, so be prepared to plan ahead for this unique experience. Well worth the effort, it offers visitors fresh vistas of nature’s splendor that will remain untouched for years to come.

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