How to BBQ Wagyu Steaks

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Wagyu beef is considered as one of the ultimate delicacies by meat lovers, and one way to enjoy it is by cooking up one mean tasting wagyu steak. If you’re not sure where to start don’t worry, we’ve put together some of our best tips that’ll show you how to really savour your meat and leave your guests with something to talk about!

Let Your Wagyu Rump Breathe

Before cooking your wagyu rump, you should take it out of the freezer and let it rest on a plate so it can “breathe.” Letting your meat breathe for 15 to 20 minutes not only thaws the meat, but also gives the meat time to redistribute its juices more evenly throughout the wagyu rump steak. You should also let the wagyu steak breathe after cooking to let the juices redistribute once again.

Cooking In Its Own Fat

If you are cooking a cut of wagyu steak with a high marbling score, use a flat grill or an iron pan. The grill or pan will be able to catch the fat that comes out of the meat and baste it in its own fat at the same time. This creates a delicious crust that you can definitely sink your teeth into during dinner time.

Don’t Dry The Meat

Don’t dry the meat when you’re cooking wagyu steak or wagyu rump. What makes wagyu so popular is its delicious melt in your mouth texture. Drying the meat destroys this texture and toughens the steak. So next time you’re cooking thick slices of wagyu rump or wagyu steak, go for medium done.

Different Doneness For Different Cuts

As an extension of the “don’t dry the meat” rule, you should also always try to achieve this with any type of wagyu cut that you’re cooking. Again, for thick slices you should go for a medium finish. And for thin slices, you should aim for a rare or medium. The idea is to cook the intramuscular fat in the meat but not overcook it to the extent where the meat becomes chewy and tough to handle over the dinner table. And don’t forget to rest the meat before slicing or serving, as this can also affect the toughness or tenderness of your meat.

Higher Marbling, Thinner Slices

To achieve that melt in your mouth sensation you should always try and slice your wagyu steak depending on the marbling of your meat. For higher marbling scores, you should cut them into thinner slices (and of course, cook them accordingly). And thinner slices will also help you have an easier time handling and cooking the meat. With thinner slices, it’s easier for the heat to penetrate into the meat and cook the fat.

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