How to Cook Lamb Cutlets and a Rack of Lamb

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A rack of lamb is a classic favourite. Not only does the dish look visually appealing and elegant, but it is also extremely tasty. Lamb cutlets are also a household staple as they’re full of flavour, tender and very versatile. What are the best ways to cook these two cuts of lamb? That’s just what you’ll find out if you read on.

Before you start cooking, you should know what a rack of lamb is. Understanding where each cut os meat comes from will help you when cooking as you’ll better understand the properties and flavours of each cut. The rack is simply the ribs of the lamb. There are eight ribs in total and it should feed around three people. Then you need to decide if you want purchase a pre-cut rack of lamb or if you want to cut it yourself. Cutting the rack yourself can be tricky and time consuming, but you get to cut the rack the way you want it. Lamb cutlets, or lamb chops, are cuts from the rack. If the meat is cut to expose the bone, it’s called a French cutlet or chop.

As with other cuts of lamb, you will want to roast or braise a rack of lamb. Make sure you season it with spices or marinade if you want extra flavouring in your dish. If you roast it, you will want to keep it in the oven at 42 degrees for rare, 58 degrees for medium-rare, and 68 degrees for medium-well. Cook until finished. Then you can rearrange the ribs to the typical French style. All you do is interlock on side of the ribs to the other – viola!

When you’re done with the rack of lamb, you can start on the lamb cutlets. You can roast or braise these. Even though they may look similar to shanks, you cannot prepare them the same way. Remember, shanks are from the shoulder to the leg of the lamb while cutlets are from the ribs. Create a casserole or a pot roast with these delicious pieces.

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