Cooking Steak: Cooking Times


Everyone loves a good steak so if you can grill one, you will be the envy of all of your friends. But what if you are not an expert at cooking steak? With so many different types of steak and degrees of doneness, creating the perfect dish can be overwhelming.  If you follow this simple guide, you will have all the information you need to grill a steak to suit everyone’s preference.

First, you need to be aware of the different cuts and degrees of doneness before you can start cooking steak. Steak comes from either the chuck, rib, eye fillet, or short loin. Chuck is the section located by the shoulder. This is probably the cheapest cut you will find. The rib is from the ribs of the animal. The loin is located towards the mid-end of the cow and yields T-bone, top loin steak and the eye fillet. This cut is easily the tenderest. Finally, the short loin is the area near the top rear of the animal and produces sirloin steak and the top sirloin.

The degree of doneness, or steak cooking time, is the most important factor when cooking steak. Some steaks need to have certain cooking times, while people always prefer a certain degree of doneness, subject to taste. To be able to please all your guests you need to know how to create every degree of doneness; rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, and well done.

Rare requires the least amount of time and produces a very red, bloody centre. If you’re cooking steak that is about an inch thick, it will generally take 4-5 minutes on each side.  T-Bone steaks that are about an inch thick will take 8-9 minutes to grill. Sirloin steak will take 7-8 minutes. However, it is not advised to eat any meat cooked at this degree because bacteria may still be present on the meat. Be very careful when consuming rare meat.

Medium rare
Medium rare meat has slightly seared edges, a red centre, and some blood. Most steaks at an inch thick will only take 6-8 minutes on each side. But again, the Porterhouse Steak and T-Bone will take longer at 9-10 minutes. Sirloin steak will take 8-10 minutes.

Medium is a popular degree for cooking steak that creates a brown outside, reddish-pink inside, and is completely bloodless. At one inch thick, most steaks should take around 7-9 minutes on each side to grill properly. AT-Bone at one inch thick should take 8-10 minutes. And sirloin steak will take 8-11 minutes.

Medium well
This degree will almost cook your steak thoroughly, but still maintains a pink centre. Most steaks at one inch thick should be eatable by 10-11 minutes. A T-Bone at one inch thick should take 10-12 minutes. And sirloin steak will take 10-11 minutes.

Well done
Well done will cook your steak thoroughly leaving no pink or red centre. Most steaks will be grilled properly by 10-11 minutes. A T-Bone at one inch thick should take 11-12 minutes and sirloin steak will take 9-11 minutes.

There you have it! You now know all about the degrees of doneness and the different cuts used for cooking steak.

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