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Cooking The Perfect Eye Fillet

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Beef Eye Fillet (also called rib eye) is cut from the cow’s rib region, and is an extremely tender and flavoursome type of meat. Due to the delicious natural juices, rib eye is fairly simple to prepare, however there are a few steps you can follow in order to get the best out of your fillet steak.

That’s why we’ve decided to share with you our top tips for making the perfect rib eye steak.

  • Firstly, before you starting cooking your beef, it’s always important to give it time to settle to room temperature. Cooking refrigerated, cold beef will only produce a tough piece of steak, so leaving this extra time is well worth it!
  • Another important tip refers to seasoning your steak. Before you cook your beef, feel free to add delicious herbs and spices, just hold back on the salt! We’re not saying you can’t salt your beef fillet, just make sure you do it after you’ve cooked it. Seasoning with salt before cooking will leech the beef of tasty natural juices.
  • If you like marinated beef, then there is nothing stopping you from marinating your beef fillet! However, something to be careful of is the amount of time you marinate it for!  Since rib eye is naturally tender, you don’t want to marinate it for too long or with a marinade that is highly acidic (vinegar or citrus) as this can ruin the texture of your steak. Instead choose a soft, olive oil based marinade and leave it marinating for roughly an hour.
  • When it comes to cooking, you have a range of choices however our preference is definitely to grill your eye fillet. This is a sure way to end up with an extremely tasty piece of beef without any trouble what-so-ever.  Be sure to use a pre-heated grill and remember that the eye fillet will cook quickly! Around 5 minutes on either side will be plenty of cooking time, unless you like your steak well done. Be sure to only turn your steak once on the grill as this helps to preserve the flavours.
  • The last important tip is to allow your steak to sit at room temperature for around 10minutes before serving. Loosely cover the meat with some foil to keep the heat in and lastly, you can add the salt now!

So there you have our top tips for cooking the perfect rib eye! Cooking a good steak is an important skill to master, as it’s an easy and tasty meal to serve when you have friends round. So go give it a try – with these useful steps it will be super easy and we promise it will be the best eye fillet you’ve ever cooked!

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