Quick, Easy & Creative Toastie Ideas


Kids and adults alike enjoy toasties because of the comforting warmth and variety of fillings. You can fill two bread slices with almost any ingredients. Tasty ingredient mixtures are key, along with a sturdy sandwich press to melt everything together. Several of the best toastie ideas include basic sandwich ingredients to indulgent sweet treats.

For The Tuna Lover

To benefit from all the vitamins and nutrients tuna offers, spread canned tuna on a slice of bread and your choice of cheese slice. Cover another bread slice with avocado and press the two sides together. After buttering the bread and cooking it in a sandwich press, you have an instant lunch. Because avocado browns relatively quickly, save this toastie recipe for a rainy day lunch treat.

Old Fashioned Cheese

Picky eaters still eat their toasties when they are simply filled with cheese. Instead of one cheese type, combine three different varieties for a more complex taste. For example, white, mild and sharp cheddar cheeses melt into one another for a comforting taste. Wrap all the toasties in aluminum foil to keep warm and take them on a picnic. Bring a thermos of warm tomato soup and you have a nutritious meal.

Treat Time

Toastie ideas usually revolve around an entree, but these delicious sandwiches make tasty desserts as well. Fill two bread slices with hazelnut spread, banana and strawberry slices. Cut the fruit into thin pieces to stack it neatly in the toastie. Once pressed, your toastie is a chocolate wonderland. Use this recipe at outdoor parties, especially for children.

Leftover Solution

Your leftover chicken breast does not need to wither in the refrigerator. If your friends and family are heading for a sports game outside, fill two bread slices with shredded chicken and mozzarella. Add some pesto to the mixture and press in a sandwich maker until golden brown. Almost all of the food groups are represented in this toastie, including protein, dairy, grains and vegetables.

All-American Cheeseburger

For a fast mid-week dinner idea, cook hamburger patties on the stove and place them between two bread slices. Add your favorite cheese and ketchup to the toastie and press. To keep the grease from spilling out of the toastie, try to soak up the hamburger’s fat before placing in the bread.

Quick, simple and satisfying toastie ideas make any occasion fun and tasty. Keep your sandwich press clean and ready for the whole family to enjoy different ingredient mixtures.

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