Cryovac Marinating


Marinating has never been as easy or as fun as when you’re enjoying the benefits of using a Cryovac machine. If you are a fan of marinating and want to take your preparation and cooking to the next level, then you should definitely get your hands on a Cryovac.

What is the Cryovac For?

A Cryovac is a little handy-dandy kitchen equipment which draws out the air from your packaged food with a vacuum. There are different kinds, such as a hand pump, an industrial cryovac, and one that you can use in the kitchen.

Pros of the Cryovac

  • Keep Everything Fresh

    The Cryovac will keep your food fresher, longer. Whether you plan on storing leftovers or are looking to save time by cooking in advance, this vacuum food saver will preserve your food effectively.

  • Make Big Batches (And Serve Later)

    There are many reasons why you will cook big batches of a particular dish – from saving time, money, and effort – and the Cryovac Vacuum Food Saver will help you store that big batch of food in smaller packets for easy serving in the future. Now, you don’t have to worry about where you are going to store that much food. Simply put them in vacuum packets and place them in the freezer.

  • Marinate Meat

    Another great feature of this Vacuum Food Saver is that it helps in marinating your meat. You will be able to marinate meats faster this way, because the marinade will seep into the pores of the meat much quicker as there is no air in the bag, only the sauce.


Cons of the Cryovac

To provide you with an honest idea on the real value and benefit of the Cryovac, here are some of the major cons of this equipment. By knowing more about the limitations of the Cryovac, you will be able to better decide whether the Cryovac is indeed for your kitchen or not.

  • Bags Are Pricey

    The bags used by a Cryovac are made of sturdy material and they do not break or puncture easily. As a result the bags will actually cost you a bit, but not enough that you aren’t going to enjoy the benefits. There are different places that you can buy your bags, so be sure to check the stores near you to compare the prices.

  • Cheaper Bags Won’t Work

    Again, better bags will cost a bit more. But if you’re planning to cut corners and go with the discount bags, you might end up wasting more money than you were thinking of saving. Cheaper bags might end up not vacuuming. They’ll just seal, so make sure you get the right kind of bag for the price that you are comfortable with. No sense being frustrated at cheap products.

The Cryovac is definitely going to be a great addition to your kitchen or store. With its wide range of uses and long product lifespan, you will enjoy having this useful appliance in your kitchen shelf.

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