How to Cook Different Cuts of Beef


With so many different cuts of beef available it can be a little confusing on which beef cuts should be cooked in which manner. Luckily for you, Butcherman is all about meat and we can give you a quick breakdown on how get the most out of it!

Firstly, you need to know the different cuts of beef. There are many locations to choose from, but we will focus on the five primary spots – chuck, loin, sirloin, rib, and round. You may also want to research the different grades of beef and guidelines for safe cooking. Some key terms to know are dry cooking (grilling, broiling, roasting, and stir frying) and wet cooking (braising, roasting, and stewing.)

Chuck is one of the tougher beef cuts. Located between the neck and the rib of the cow, it’s a well used muscle which means it is tough and chewy. Properly cooked, however, it can be moist and tender. The trick is to cook chuck slowly, which allows how to muscle to loosen. This means chuck is perfect for stews, braising, and roasts! When selecting this cut of beef, try to get one with the most fat (as the fatter it is, the more tender it will become.) Any pot roast with chuck is sure to be a favourable one.
The Eye Fillet is one of the cuts of beef located behind the ribs and is tender without any work. Because it is already tender, dry cooking is the best method, with roasting being the best! You can use eye fillet for kebabs as well. You could also grill lion, but that might dry it out too much. This beef cut is probably one of the most expensive ones, but the taste is well worth the price.

The sirloin is located right behind the loin and is one of the more versatile beef cuts. Neither tough nor tender, the sirloin can be prepared by both dry and wet cooking. Sirloins are arguably best used in stir-fry, but many people prefer sirloin steak. A sirloin steak can be a little tough, but fans go crazy for this dish.

Round is a beef cut from the very end of the cow making it very tender. Its best use is for stir-frying as it cooks quickly and is already tender. However, many love round steak because it is rich in flavour.

Now that you know the different cuts of beef, you can create any beef dish perfectly. You will never have to worry about how to prepare beef cuts with this guide!

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