Why eat a healthy balanced diet?

Eating a Healthy Balanced Diet


What is a balanced diet? If you search online you’ll be bombarded with tons of sites, tutorials, diet plans, and advertisements all telling you about the perfect balanced diet. With this much information readily available online – and even from your friends – it’s easy to fall prey to the wrong answer.

To get the right answer, you need to do proper research, ask the experts, and put the answers into practice. After all, knowing what a balanced diet is only goes so far as to make your IQ healthier. But to make your body healthier, you need to follow the balanced diet.

The Five Food Groups

Understanding what a balanced diet is and what effects it has on your body, you need to understand the different food groups and the benefits of each.

  1. Bread, cereals, rice, pasta and noodles
    Grains such as wheat, rice, oats, rye, millet, barley and corn are the common denominator in this food group. This is the food group that you should eat often to provide your body with the energy that you need. This food group provides carbohydrates, fibre, protein, and different vitamins and minerals.
  2. Vegetables
    This food group is a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals, and dietary fibre. Different kinds of vegetables provide different nutrients. For example cauliflower and tomatoes are high in Vitamin C. Orange and dark green vegetables like spinach, carrots and pumpkin provide Vitamin A. Folate comes from green vegetables like dried peas and beans. Make sure you get loads of vegetables into your diet.
  3. Fruit
    Fruits are great sources of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and folate. Fruits also provide fibre and carbohydrates, which comes mainly from the natural sugars in the fruits. The amount of fibre that you can get from fruits differs with each fruit.
  4. Milk, yogurt and cheese
    While there are tons of food choices available in this food group, the three most important ones are milk, firm cheese, and yoghurt. This group is an excellent source of calcium and also provides calcium, protein, riboflavin and Vitamin B12.
    Remember to check the sources and labels of the diary products so you are able to choose which products are best for you. If you aren’t careful, you may end up increasing the fat content of your diet.
  5. Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, nuts and legumesThere’s a wide variety of food in this food group. This food group provides the body with tons of bodybuilding protein. This is also a source of iron, vitamin B12 and niacin. Lean red meat is also a good source of zinc and iron.
    Now that you know the benefits of each food group, you should already have a basic idea regarding what is a balanced diet. You should then start planning your meals and disciplining yourself so you are able to properly take care of your body.

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