Grain Fed Beef vs. Grass Fed Beef


You’re moseying down the “meat aisle” of Butcherman’s vast array of scotch fillet steaks. Each click wets your appetite further. Oh, you’re so ready to make that delicious meat purchase. But wait… there’s grain fed vs grass fed choices. What’s the difference between the two anyway?

There a significant health differences between the two types of beef. Our ideal diet requires a proper 4:1 balance of Omega- 6 to Omega- 3 fatty acids. We need fatty acids from our diet because our bodies cannot produce them on their own. Keeping a low ratio of omega- 6 and omega- 3 is healthier as it keeps your body in shape and can greatly reduce your risk at heart disease.

Grass fed beef comes out on top in the health “stakes”. Grain fed beef typically contains a ratio well above 20:1, which is very fatty. Grass fed beef (sometimes used as pasture fed beef), on the other hand, typically has a ratio of 3:1. Grass fed beef is the therefore the healthier choice as it contains a healthy balance of the fatty acids essential for our own human diets- an extreme benefit in preventing heart disease. It is also linked to supporting our brain’s cognitive and behavioural functioning. Grass fed cattle also boosts the conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) levels in the beef.  This is believed to have a part in increasing our metabolic rate, lowering insulin resistance and cholesterol levels, and reducing our risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and build up of body fat.

Grass fed beef also offers a healthy excess of vitamin A, E and Beta Carotene. Grain fed cattle, on the other hand, has lower levels of CLA. When it comes to health and nutrients of grain fed vs grass fed beef, grass fed beef is a winner. If you are concerned with your weight, however, then you should be warned. Grass fed cattle have greater levels of saturated fat and, as a result, an increased amount of calories over grain fed cattle. So if you are worried about carbohydrates then grain fed scotch fillets are a strong contender.

There are some other differences between grain fed vs grass fed beef. Grain fed beef typically produces a consistent meat colour, fat colour and can have higher levels of marbling, making it visually appealing.

Now you can make your next scotch fillet purchase with confidence. Only you know what’s best for you, but whether your chose grass fed or grain fed, your Butcherman scotch fillet (rib eye) steak will undoubtedly yield you a tasty and quality finished product.

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