The Health Benefits of Lean Red Meat


Red meat is often mistaken as the unwise choice for the health-conscious, but the facts are clear: Lean red meat is an excellent part of a healthy diet. When consumed as part of a low-fat, balanced diet, it can actually lower cholesterol and potentially prevent some forms of heart disease.

Fat and Heart Disease

Animal fat is a known culprit behind increased cholesterol levels and the formation of plaque in the arteries. Meats that are high in fat can lead to higher cholesterol, however, red meat that is lean has actually been shown to lower cholesterol levels.

When the fat is properly trimmed from the meat, the risk for increased cholesterol in the consumer goes down. Consider also that red meat is an exceptional source of protein, which helps build muscles, including the heart muscles.

Energy to Spare

The iron found in lean red meat is essential for the body to maintain proper energy. Low iron levels contribute to feeling sluggish and can produce extreme fatigue even when engaging in minimal activity. The specific form of iron found in meat is much easier for the body to process than the iron found in plants.

The vitamins abundant in lean red meat, especially the B-vitamins, are also crucial to maintaining a healthy energy level. B-vitamins not only assist in keeping energy up, but also contribute to a whole host of other positive health benefits, including brain health, heart health, and the health of the reproductive system.

Weight Loss

Studies have shown that diets rich in lean beef not only help with weight loss, but can also raise vitamin B levels, and help maintain healthy bones.

Calorie-wise, red meat recipes are quite respectable, so long as the fat is trimmed. Red meat recipes offer more flavour without the health concerns that are found in some processed diet food programs.

Zinc and Better Health

Zinc is a common ingredient in many over-the-counter immune system boosters. It has been shown to aid in producing muscle mass and improving brain health along with its immune system benefits.

Muscle mass tends to decline with age, so working to keep those muscles prevents many age-related difficulties, including unsteadiness, fatigue and stiffness. Red meat recipes provide the zinc needed to help avoid such issues, as much as possible!

Incorporating red meat into your diet is an important way to ensure current and long-term health of the body. Natural, lean cuts are a tasty way to ensure good nutrition and improved well-being.

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