How to cook different cuts of pork

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Just because it’s from the same animal, doesn’t mean you cook all different cuts of pork the same way! In order to bring out the maximum amount of flavour, you should know exactly how to cook each different type. Here are some tips for how to cook pork cutlets, fillets and ribs, three of our favourite pork cuts!

Pork cutlets

Pork cutlets are thin pork cuts taken from the end of the tenderloin which is found on the pig’s leg.  This cut of pork is cut thinly and therefore cooks very quickly, making them perfect for grilling in just three or four minutes. You should keep an eye on cutlets while they are cooking, as you don’t want them to become overcooked and tough!

Pork fillets

Pork fillets are delectably lean compared to other pork cuts, however also have less flavour. In order to get the most out of pork fillets it’s important to know how to maximise their flavour while preserving their lean, tender texture.  Marinating pork fillets in aromatic herbs and spices helps to add some flavour to the meat.  There are lots of recipes for pork fillets since they are a popular cut of meat, however you can even try mixing up your favourite herbs and spices to create your own recipe. Pork fillets also cook quickly and are suitable for a quick and easy dinner.

Pork Ribs

As the name explains, pork ribs come from the rib region of the pig and are extremely tasty when cooked properly. Lots of people avoid cooking pork ribs, thinking they are too tricky to prepare at home. We beg to differ! As long as you follow some simple steps and you have the time, pork ribs are fairly easy to make at home. The most simple way to cook pork ribs is in the oven. Leave them to sit overnight in the marinade of your choice before cooking them on 160 degrees Celsius for around 2 hours. The main thing to remember, is to turn the ribs every half hour and baste them.

So now you’ve seen how easy it can be to cook various tasty cuts of pork, there’s no reason to keep eating the same pork cuts!  Why not venture out and try some different types? We dare you to try the ribs at home! We hope these tips help you to experiment with some delicious new cuts of pork!

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