How to Make Beef Jerky

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If you love Beef jerky, then why not try making your own at home. This way you can choose any marinade you’d like!  Not many people make jerky from beef in Australia, however this process is extremely popular in other parts of the world. The process is simple so why not impress your family and friends with some tasty beef jerky. We’ve outlined the steps for you to follow below. 

1.  Choose a cut of meat to make your jerky. It’s best to select a lean cut such as sirloin if you are using beef in Australia as this will save you cutting off lots of fat later. The fat on meat will not dry out properly so can ruin the dehydration process.

2.  Once you have selected your beef, remove all noticeable fat and then slice your meat into very thin strips of about half a centimetre. To make this easier, you can freeze the met for about 5 hours before slicing.

3.  This is when you marinate the beef in your choice of marinade. We love a combination of soy sauce, worcestshire sauce, garlic and paprika however there are lots of recipes on the internet to choose from. Leave the meat to marinate in the fridge for at least 10-12 hours.

4.  Cost the meat in any seasonings of your choice, and be sure to add lots of salt as this will help the meat to dehydrate.

5.  Now you need to dehydrate the meat using one of two methods:

  • In a dehydrator: spray the racks with cooking spray to stop the meat from sticking. Place the meat on the racks and leave it to cook for roughly 6 hours.
  • In the oven: set the temperature to 165 degrees Fahrenheit (70 degrees Celsius). Be sure not to set the temperature any lower as it won’t be enough to kill bacteria and the jerky may spoil early. Leave to dehydrate for roughly 6 hours.

6. Check the consistency of the jerky by cutting into a piece and checking it isn’t raw inside. It should be a deep brown or burgundy colour when ready.

7.  Once cooled, place the jerky into plastic bags and store in the refrigerator or freezer. Enjoy within two weeks of making.

As you can see, making beef jerky is a relatively easy process. With a little time and patience, you can make your own jerky from beef in Australia. Choose your own delicious marinade and it will be the best jerky you’ve ever tried!

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