How To Use Cheap Cuts of Meat

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It’s dinner time and you have no idea what to make. You’re in the mood for meat, but meat is usually pricey and you don’t have much to spare. But have you thought about making a chuck steak? Chuck is the cheapest meat out there, contains low fat levels, and is extremely tender after cooking.

Chuck is a cut of meat that comes from the shoulder. As it is a muscle that is regularly exercised, it is very tight when it is raw. However, chuck contains an abundance of collagen so when it is cooked the fat melts away leaving you with an extremely tender and flavoursome dish. You can grill chuck steak on your BBQ, slow cook it for a stew, or grind it into hamburger meat.

To cook chuck you should first marinate it. Marinating meat helps to give your dish a little extra flavour as well as soften the meat. Depending on how large your cut is and what kind of marinade you used, you should ideally leave your meat marinating for anywhere between 10 and 24 hours.

Next it’s cooking time. Everyone has their own technique, so you can simply grill your chuck steak as you would any other cut of steak. However the most tender chuck steak will generally be cooked to medium rare or medium.

So the next time you’re looking to make a great meal on a tight budget, choose chuck steak! Not only is it a delicious meat, but it’s also low in fat and is versatile for cooking.

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