Interesting Sandwich Ideas

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Traditional sandwiches like bacon, ham and cheese, or the BLT represent the vast majority of sandwiches consumed each year. So if you’re looking for new sandwich ideas, then consider these tips to liven up your next meal.

Experiment With Bread

Bread is the backbone of any sandwich; however, most sandwich eaters cling to a surprisingly narrow range of options. Rather than grabbing your go-to white bread, consider some of these more interesting choices to help bring out the flavours of the filling. Rye bread gives a great, sour earthiness to lighter sandwich fillers, while crusty French bread stands up better to strong meats and cheeses. Saucier sandwiches do well when served on rolls, while drier sandwiches often benefit from moist, crust less bread.

Mix Your Meats

Why does a turkey sandwich just have to be a turkey sandwich? It doesn’t! Butcherman offers a wide selection of meats, such as double-smoked shaved ham, salami, bacon and more. Experiment with different ratios to create a tasty and unique meat profile to suit and excite your taste buds.

Explore the Unexpected

Another way to change the flavour profile of your sandwich is by replacing a common ingredient with an exciting and unexpected new flavour. Sandwich ideas include replacing the tomato in a classic BLT with a green tomato, giving the sandwich an acidic kick and a surprising new texture.

Go Green

A vast number of sandwiches call for a hearty helping of leafy greens. If you find yourself reaching for the usual lettuce, then stop! There are much more exciting options. Alfalfa sprouts, radish leaves, and rocket are all excellent options for sandwich toppers.

Send Your Sandwich Packing

Although sandwiches are traditionally Western food, incorporating flavours from other cultures can add exciting new possibilities. Incorporate fillers like Korean barbecued pork, wanton wrappers, bean sprouts, and sweet baby corn for an Asian-inspired sandwich. Or, try red onion, feta cheese, olives and lamb for a more Mediterranean flair.

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