How to Keep Pork Tender

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Pork can be an incredibly tasty dish, it’s just a shame that it can easily become so tough after cooking improperly, but that’s where we come in! We’ve got some easy and simply ways to help you ensure that you can make tasty tender pork by cooking pork properly every time.

No Overcooking

Overcooking is one of the main reasons for tough pork. When cooking pork, make sure that you keep an eye on the temperature and the time that you’re cooking your pork. Of course, this all depends on the way that you cook; different methods (sautéing, grilling, etc.) have different cooking temperatures and cooking times.

No Covering (When Sautéing, That Is)

When cooking pork and aiming for some delicious tender pork when frying or sautéing, then you should remember to avoid placing a cover over your pan. Placing a cover locks in the moisture, and begins to raise the temperature, resulting in braised or steamed pork. Simply ensure that there is enough oil to lightly coat your pork pieces during cooking.

No Overcrowding

Abstain from overcrowding your pan or pot with pork pieces. While you might be tempted to toss in a more generous number of pork pieces in your pan to save time, it will be at the expense of your pork taste! By limiting your pork pieces, you’re easily allowing more of their surface area to come into contact with the heat. This results not only in tender pork, but in more evenly cooked pork. You’ll also be spending less time in front of the stove.

No Undercooking

This means no undercooking your pork and tossing them back in the refrigerator so you can cook them another day. If you want to end up with tender pork all the time, every time you can always save time by cooking pork properly in one particular method first (such as microwaving or searing) and another method afterwards (such as roasting, frying, grilling or broiling) but you have to cook the pork until it’s completely done.

Practice Proper Storage

Cooking pork and ending up with a tender pork dish every time, always starts with how you store your products. After coming back from the shops, make sure that you place your meat in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Preferably, you should keep them at about 2 to 4 degrees Celsius.

Here are the storage times for your pork products:

Ground Pork 1-2 days
Roasts, steaks, chops 2-4 days
Ham 3-4 days
Smoked Sausage 3-7 days
Cold Cuts 3-5 days
Fresh Sausage 2-3 days
Bacon 7 days
Leftover Cooked Pork 4-5 days

Also, keep in mind that before you store leftover cooked pork in your refrigerator, you should let it cool to room temperature and then cover it tightly before storing it in your refrigerator within the hour.

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