Lamb Roast Cooking Times and Ideas


Sharing a delicious Lamb roast meal is one of the best experiences that you and your friends or family can have around the dinner table. If you want to keep that experience memorable, you need to keep serving perfect lamb roast. And the best way to keep on making perfect roast is to know the right lamb roast cooking time needed for your particular cut. Also it doesn’t hurt if you know extra cooking tips to go with your roast lamb cooking time knowledge.

If you aren’t familiar with the proper roast lamb cooking time needed for your cut of lamb, here is a quick reference. So if you want perfect rare, medium or well done lamb, you’re definitely on the right track.

Roast Lamb Cooking Time

  1. Eye of shortloin / backstrap, topside mini roast, lamb round, lamb rump
    Cooking Temperature: 220 degrees Celsius

    • 15-20 minutes for rare
    • per half kilo, 20-25 minutes for medium
    • 25-30 minutes per half kilo for well done
  2. Rack of lamb, crown roast, four rib roast
    Cooking Temperature: 200 degrees Celsius

    • 20-25 minutes for rare
    • 30-35 minutes for medium
    • 40-45 minutes for well done
  3. Boned and rolled loin, easy carve lamb leg or lamb shoulder, leg or shoulder (bone-in),
    Cooking Temperature: 180 degrees Celsius

    • 20-25 minutes per half kilo for rare
    • 25-30 minutes per half kilo for medium
    • 30-35 minutes per half kilo for well done

Follow this roast lamb cooking time for your choice of rare, medium or well done roast lamb masterpieces. You should definitely keep a copy of this lamb roast cooking time table for easy reference the next time you prepare a roast lamb dish for your family or guests.

Tips for Cooking the Best Roast Lamb

Here are two important tips that can help you become a master when it comes to preparing delicious and perfectly cooked roast lamb.

Rest before Cooking

Don’t cook frozen lamb. Before roasting your cut of lamb, you should give it ample time to reach room temperature. Make sure that the internal temperature of the cut of lamb comes up, so give a 2.5 kilogram leg about half an hour outside the fridge so it reaches room temperature.

Rest before Serving

When you’re done cooking (following the proper lamb roast cooking time, of course), you will have to let your roast lamb rest a bit before you carve and serve. Letting the roast lamb rest will allow the juices inside to redistribute throughout the lamb. Letting the lamb rest also relaxes the muscle so your lamb becomes even more tender. Keep in mind that remembering the right lamb roast cooking time isn’t enough, you should know when to serve your roast lamb.

The perfect roast lamb isn’t an impossible feat. All you need to do to make this delicious dish is a little know how and a perfectly good watch to keep time.

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