Make Your Own Beef Jerky

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Do you love beef jerky? Have you ever thought of making your own home-cooked biltong? Here is a fool proof recipe that is sure to make the best jerky you’ve ever tried!

  1. Buying the beef: the best cuts for beef jerky are sirloin, top round or eye round. The amount that you purchase will depend on how much jerky you want to make.
  2. Cutting the slices: if you purchased meet with fat, then you need to start by removing it.  Fat spoils biltong so make sure there is none left.  Slice the meat into very thin pieces (about a half a centimetre or ¼ inch).  To aid with the cutting, you can put the meat into the freezer for a few hours beforehand.
  3. Marinating the beef: If you have a home-made recipe then you can use that, otherwise we recommend a combination of olive oil, vinegar, and sea salt (the more salt the better, as it aids with dehydration).  Everyone’s tastes are different so feel free to experiment with flavours. Once you are finished seasoning, place the meat into the refrigerator to set. Depending on how much you made, it may take anywhere from ten to twenty-four hours to marinate.
  4. Dehydrating the beef: although the salt started removing liquids, the beef will need more dehydration. If you have a dehydrator then this is best. If not, then use your oven. For the dehydrator, place the strips evenly apart and set on the highest setting. For the oven, place the strips evenly apart on a lined pan, set to 70 Degrees Celsius. For both methods, the beef will need to be left for around six to eight hours in order to dry out. Once ready, the jerky should be a dark brown colour. To be certain, cut into a slice and make sure it isn’t pink inside.
  5. Storing the jerky: leave the beef jerky to sit until it is cool. Once ready, the jerky must be vacuum sealed in order to be kept well. Place the home-made biltong slices in zip lock bags, and for a longer life, place them into the freezer.  This will give your jerky a life of about two months to be eaten.

So there you have it. Making beef jerky really is that simple! It’s a great source of a protein and a delicious snack, so get started on making your biltong.

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