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Meat ThermometerDo you cook your meat with a meat thermometer? If this is a kitchen tool you’ve been missing out on, it’s time for you to make a purchase!  There’s no better way to cook your meat to perfection than using one of these fantastic devices.  You can purchase them inexpensively and they are incredibly easy to use! Below are some simple instructions for roasting a leg of lamb with your new kitchen tool.

When you’re purchasing a meat thermometer you will have a range to choose from. We recommend that you choose an oven-proof thermometer so that it is able to be left in the meat as it cooks.

Prepare your leg of lamb and pre-heat the oven as usual. Before placing the roast into the oven, insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the meat, avoiding any bone or fatty areas.  This is because when you are roasting a leg of lamb, the bone and fat tend to hold more heat and can give an inaccurate temperature reading.

Once the leg of lamb is in the oven, you will simply need to monitor the thermometer’s reading.    For rare meat, the temperature needs to reach 55-60 degrees Celsius; for medium, the temperature needs to reach 65-70 degrees Celsius; and for well done, the temperate should reach 75 degrees Celsius.

Roasting a leg of lamb couldn’t be easier!  So next time you’re craving perfectly cooked lamb, there’s no need to head to an expensive restaurant. You can purchase your own leg of lamb and use your new kitchen tool.  For those craving beef, the same method and temperature apply. It really is that simple!

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