Pork Crackling Perfection

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There’s an old Chinese story about a young man who discovered roast pork when his house burned down, resulting in a delicious pork crackling experience. While we’re not suggesting that you burn your house down to make roast pork, we do have some tips for achieving the perfect pork crackling!    

1. The fat
In order to make delicious crackling you must ensure that the pork has a high level of fat. Another thing to note is that your roast will taste much better if you purchase free range, organic pork.

2. Score the fat
With a sharp knife score the pork, making incisions in the fat.  Be careful not to cut through into the meat as this will result in releasing the juices during cooking, leaving dry and tough meat. Make the incisions on the fat about one centimeter apart from one another, as this will help to ensure that your crackling becomes nice and crispy.

3. Check the heat
Preheat your oven to roughly 230 to 250 degrees Celsius.  When the pork is ready to cook, place it in the oven for about 20 minutes before you turn the heat down to around 200 degrees Celsius. Use a meat thermometer to determine when the pork is ready. An internal temperature of about 70 degree Celsius should be just about right but you also want to make sure your crackling is golden and crispy.

4. Free the pork
During cooking, it’s important that you do not place the pork in a high-sided dish as this will only result in somewhat steaming your pork. Once the pork starts steaming, you can say goodbye to perfect pork crackling.

5. Let it rest
When you’re done cooking your roast pork, take it out of the oven, place it on a serving dish and cover it with foil. Leave it to stand for 5-10 minutes to allow the pork juices to redistribute. This is an extremely important step as it will help your roast pork to become as tender and tasty as possible.

There you have the quick and simple tips to making a perfect pork roast and crackling. Follow these steps and you can’t possibly go wrong. The family will absolutely love your roast dinner!

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