Supermarket VS Butcher Meat


Should you buy from the local butcher or the supermarket? Is there really a difference in terms of quality meat? These are common and important questions to pose in this day and age. The butcher is known for his great quality and friendly nature, but the supermarket usually provides lower prices. So which is better overall?

Butcher shops are locally owned and operated. Butchers get their meat from varying sources, but it’s most likely from local farmers. The product is very high quality meat, and it is possible you can pick the cut you want straight off of the meat slab. However, premium quality usually comes at a premium price. Butcher shops generally have higher prices, but nothing too dramatic. Often you can get discounts just by speaking with the butcher, or watching for sales and specials. Meat is displayed to the butcher’s taste so you may see colours you are not used to. Buying from your neighbourhood butcher, you not only get quality meat, but you help support local business.

Supermarkets are large chains that can span nationally, and in some cases globally. Their meat comes from a variety of large, corporate farms. Often the scandals you hear in the media, like the gross mistreatment of animals, come from these farms. Compared to meat from the butcher, supermarkets often stock lower quality meat, but you save money when purchasing from a supermarket. However, the price is as marked – there is no negotiating or savings for regular, local customers. Conscious of their low quality meat, supermarkets will often put up more discounts and sales to get you to buy more.

In the end which is better? It depends on whether you place more value in quality meat or price savings. A butcher will always offer the best meats and a supermarket will always offer the best deals. However, it’s always great to help support your local economy and give your family a quality meat dish by buying from a butcher!

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