Sydney’s Top 10 Dishes of 2015

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Sydney is a lodestone for culture on the continent. That means arts, sciences, and, of course, food. While there are many deserving establishments who push the envelop when it comes to culinary excellence and adventure, the best among them bring a little something more to the table. Below, we’ll investigate Sydney’s top ten offerings of the year for table and taste. Join us and bring your datebook. You won’t want to miss out on these spectacular experiences.

Café Paci

Signature dish: Blue Swimmer Crab with tarragon and carrots

It’s funny how accidents can prove inspiring to those with the will to land on their feet. The Finnish chef, Pasi Petanen, at Darlingtonhurst’s delectable Café Paci didn’t let an accidental overabundance of carrots spoil the show. Instead, when faced with too many roots, he shaved them to ribbons, pickled them neatly, and served them over fresh spanner crab. The flavour notes of the crab are perfectly accented with handmade tarragon mayo and a carrot and apple cider vinegar reduction. This stroke of genius on the fly has given birth to a constant demand.


Signature dish: Pig’s Head Macaroni with an egg yolk to boot

Inspiration and an ability to draw from a vast array of cultural table fare bring a beautiful twist to this unusually delicious dish served at ACME. Starting with a spanking-fresh macaroni made in-house, chef Mitch Orr ups the ante on our taste buds by then tossing it with saucy braised pig’s head. The dish is reminiscent of a Filipino sisig, and has taken the Sydney restaurant scene by storm. As if that weren’t excitement enough, Orr then finishes the dish with a fresh egg yolk, to be mixed into the hot macaroni, forming a creamy sauce right at the table.

Billy Kwong

Signature dish: Baked Wallaby Buns with Tart Davidson’s plum sauce

Head chef at Billy Kwong’s, Kwok Hoong Leong reinvented the traditional Cantonese bun by stuffing it with tender, shredded wallaby meat, baking it to crisp perfection, and serving it with a tart reduction of the indigenous Davidson plum. This simple yet stunning presentation is matched only by the stellar impact of flavours on the palate.

Cottage Point Inn

Signature dish: Snapper Carpaccio with white peach, basil and finger lime

Not just your average carpaccio, this brainchild of Guillaume Zika, head chef at Cottage Point Inn is delicately accented with the sharp, sweet flavours of white peach, finger lime, and fresh, herby basil. He also makes use of fresh, line-caught snapper to further enhance the incredible freshness of his creation. Who said simple things can’t be the best thing you’ve ever tasted?


Signature dish: Marron with Wood Sorrel, koji butter and young coconut

Chef Paul Carmichael outdoes himself with this fresh interpretation of a classic Australian favourite. First, he grills the sweet, freshwater crustacean over coconut husks, then serves it in its own vivid shell, dressed with piquant flavours like wood sorrel, fermented koji butter, and young coconut. Don’t miss out on this brilliant culinary inspiration. Your palate would be sad forever.


Signature dish: 6:30 Risotto

Chef’s pleasure is the rule of thumb to remember when you queue with other hungry foodies at this establishment on Crown Street. The orders for this dish are taken at 6:30 sharp, and chef Eugenio Maiale prepares a fresh risotto in half an hour. The offering changes daily, is always fresh and delicious, and if you miss the mark, you’ll have to come another day. This is a dish worthy of punctuality.


Signature dish: 150-day Aged Ribs

Aging meat has proven influence on its tenderness and full flavours. Chef Lennox Hastie brings a combination of patience and expertise to crafting the angus beef ribs, slowly aging in a controlled environment. Grilling them over grapevines for an inimitable smoky essence, this chef offers Sydney the dining experience of the year.

Bennelong at the Opera House

Signature dish: Opera House Pavlova

This art on a plate incorporates the sweetness of raspberries and the tart notes of rhubarb into a confection that comes from the mind of Master Chef Peter Gilmore. It is crafted with signature diligence to enhancing the experience of every sense. Moreover, it will feed an appreciation for beauty as well as finish a memorable meal of the highest calibre.


Signature dish: Evergreen

A palate cleanser crafted to delight, this dish was created by chef and owner Federico Zanellato to follow the redolent pig jowl entrée. It incorporates flavours of sorrel sorbet, along with a lemon- basil shaved ice, which are garnished with mint meringue and a green shiso jelly to refresh the palate and ready it for the sweet course. But because it is so masterfully prepared, it earns a spot on our not-to-be-missed list.

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