The Healthy Meats

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The vegan voice and the health benefits they’re enjoying seems to be getting more and more convincing but did you know that there are plenty of healthy meats out there? We take a look at the healthiest meats and what health benefits they include.

Benefits of Eating Meat

First off, here are some advantages to eating your fair (and healthy) share of meat. Sure, you can always get your share of vitamins and minerals from fruit and vegetables but eating meat helps in providing you lots of energy and promotes healthy metabolic functions.

Provides Protein to the Body

Meat is a fantastic source of protein. Protein helps in muscle building and muscle repair, thus making the body stronger. Also, protein helps in keeping the immune system healthy by promoting the growth and development of important antibodies that protect your body from infection. And most important of all, healthy meats contain all the essential amino acids that your body needs.

Supplies Zinc & Iron

Another benefit of eating healthy meats is that lean red meat is rich in zinc, iron and selenium. What iron does is help the body breathe and metabolise oxygen better by forming the oxygen-transporting hemoglobin. Zinc helps in tissue building and promoting good metabolism. Selenium on the other hand breaks down unwanted fats and chemicals in the body.

Vitamins B, A, D are Good

The essential vitamins A, B and D are also commonly found in the healthiest meats. Vitamin A is popular for promoting good vision; B for a healthy nervous system; and D for stronger teeth and bones. Good digestion and healthy looking skin are other benefits of these vitamins that you can get from healthy meats.

The Healthiest Meats

The healthiest meats aren’t very hard to find. In fact, they’re probably on your dinner plate already.


Poultry is meat taken from birds raised on a farm for their meat or eggs. Most common types are turkey and chicken, but poultry can also include duck, emu, pigeon, guinea fowl, ostrich, pheasant, and goose. The poultry meat is high in iron, protein, zinc, niacin, vitamins B-6 and B-12, phosphorus, and sodium. However, they also contain fat and cholesterol so make sure to limit your serving sizes.


Pork is meat that comes from domesticated pigs and is rich in the same nutrients that you can find in poultry. However, pork also contains riboflavin, potassium and thiamine. Like poultry, pork also contains sodium, fat and cholesterol so make sure to limit your serving sizes.

The problem with eating red meat is not eating the meat at all, but in eating too much of it. Keep in mind that with everything having it in moderation is always the best option. To get the best results from these healthy meats you should limit your meat intake each day and ensure that your fruit and vegetable consumption remains consistent.

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