The Right Knives for Cooking with Meat


A good cook is nothing without his knives. There is a vast array of knives specific to unique purposes, and not all of them are essential in the amateur kitchen. While professional quality knives can be expensive, they are an investment that, if properly taken care of, will last a lifetime. We will walk you through the essential knives to turn your kitchen and cooking from drab to fab!

First, the cook’s knife, which is also known as the kitchen knife or French knife, is a must for every kitchen. This knife has a large blade and is an all-rounder with properly cutting your meat and other ingredients.Butcherman offers a large variety of meat, including lamb, pork fillets, chicken breast and beef steaks. Finding the appropriate knife to match can be a confusing exercise.

Common steak knives are a solid basis for your kitchen toolbox. Steak knives cut your favourite steaks as well as all other meats. However, it is not so much a question of the type of meat but rather how you want to prepare it when deciding on the appropriate knife:

  • Filleting – A fillet knife has a very thin and flexible blade. This makes it easy to cut lean slices. A fillet knife is ideal for carpaccio.
  • Carving – A carving knife is smaller than the cook’s knife, but still has a big blade (between 20 cm and 38 cm), which can be easily used to cut larger pieces of meat or fruit. A carving knife is ideal for slicing thin cuts of meat, including poultry and roasts.
  • Slicing – A slicing knife is similar to a carving knife. However, it is narrower and thinner with a longer blade. In comparison to a carving knife, it helps to cut smaller and thinner pieces of meat.
  • Ham Slicer – A ham slicer is a special slicing knife for cutting ham. Its blade is long and has a rounded tip which makes it easy to cut pieces of ham.
  • Boning Knife – Boning knives look similar to steak knives, but have longer and thinner blades. Whether you want to cut raw or cooked meat, the flexible blade of a boning knife will facilitate cutting off bones from a piece of meat. While a more flexible blade is preferred for fish, a stiff boning knife is ideal for cutting off bones from beef steaks and other kinds of beef and pork meat.

Once you have experienced cooking with a good quality knives you will find preparing your favourite recipes like beef steaks an easy and enjoyable experience. So, consider purchasing a quality knife and a good knife sharpener to get the best results from Sydney’s finest Superior Grade meats.


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