Top 5 Winter Soups To Keep You Warm


The seasons are changing as the wheel of the year turns. In Australia, that means it’s the season of warm and hearty meals to keep out the chill. Soups and stews are one common way to ensure that we keep our diets healthy without too much added bulk that will make us feel sluggish. It’s also a fantastic way to spice up your regular table routine, and keep your palate interested all through the cold months. Below, we’ll talk about five fantastic soups you’ll want to add to your menu—crowd pleasers and healthy, warming dishes essential for winter fare.

Brinjal Soup with Smoked Chilli

Don’t let the exotic name fool you. While this winter soup is nowhere near the realm of ordinary, brinjal is the Indian common name for eggplant. Aubergine is one of the most under-utilised vegetables in many modern cuisines. However, in spite of being a bit tricky to prepare in other contexts due to its moist nature, it’s both nutritious and incredibly tasty in winter soups. This particular soup makes excellent use of the earthy richness roasted eggplant has to offer and pairs it with the piquant spice of smoked chilli peppers. Enjoy the hearty, sustaining, and delicious flavours as part of your winter menu.

Mutton Stew

With main courses in mind, this mutton stew forms the perfect, piquant centrepiece for your winter table. While mutton is a common staple meat for many households, the Kerala spice profile renders it an exotic treat. Coriander, coconut, cloves, cinnamon, cumin, and whole black peppercorns dry roasted and ground on the spot make for a potent and delicious flavour profile, enhancing and complimenting the mutton’s natural taste. Because this stew is exclusively meat, serve it with warm roasted vegetables and rice or potatoes for a filling, nutritious, and sumptuous feast that suits a dinner party table as well it does a weeknight repast.

Sweet Corn Soup with Crab

A rich and delicious treat on its own, sweet corn soup with chunks of tender crabmeat makes any night into a celebration of comfort and plenty. Simple to create using chicken stock, cream-style corn, egg whites, and a few basic seasonings this Asian-inspired dish will become a staple of your winter kitchen once you try it. If you can’t easily source fresh crabmeat, you can also used canned crab or even chicken, which makes this dish infinitely flexible. Once you’ve tried it, you can also customize the spice profile to meet your tastes. Adding a pinch of smoked paprika, dried chilli flakes, or even some lemongrass will enhance the creamy subtlety of this delectable and heartening winter soup.

Thai Hot and Sour Soup

The warming influences of chilli and lime oil and tamarind come together with the hearty flavours of chicken stock in this distinctive Thai soup. Bright, spicy, and tart, this dish is a perfect compliment to any special occasion or simply a mid-week pick-up to combat winter blues. While it’s super simple to create once you’ve taken all the steps, the first time may require a bit of extra attention to bring it to culmination. Several of the ingredients, such as fresh kaffir lime leaves may also require a trip to a specialty food store. However, this hot and sour soup is well worth the added bit of effort. It may even replace your favourite standby cold remedy—chicken and noodle soup—since many of its ingredients possess health enhancing properties and nutrients along with its base of chicken broth.

Gajar Shorba with Emerald Spinach Garnish

During the winter months, our bodies may become famished for the fresh nutrients available in vegetables. At the same time, our sense of sight longs for the bright greens and other colours of summer. This nearly vegan winter soup is one that will please any crowd, even one with the most inveterate carnivores. Both creamy and bright, thanks to the starchy thickening power of potatoes and the carotenoids found in carrots, you’ll serve up a sumptuous boost of vitamin A and other phytonutrients essential to maintaining winter health. Finely chopped spinach serves as a vivid contrasting garnish, heightening the colour and appeal of the soup from every perspective. Plus, no one will believe how good it is for him or her. Garlic, cumin, black peppercorns, and fresh grated ginger enliven the palate and ensure that everyone will ask for second helpings.

These five winter soups will help you to celebrate the season with joy and good health. As well, they are all relatively easy to prepare and will help to broaden your culinary repertoire for years to come. Embark on a winter journey of flavour and exploration, travelling towards the light of spring on the far side of the cold months.

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