Wagyu: The best beef you’ll ever eat!


Wagyu cattle are prized livestock known for producing some of the world’s best cuts of Wagyu beef. The cattle were introduced in Japan during the 2nd century, to work the rice fields, but due to the small nature of Japanese farms at the time the animals did not have sufficient room to fully exercise their muscles.

To prevent the cattle from cramping in the small Japanese fields, farmers began hiring workers to massage the cow’s muscles.  While these methods continued for centuries, restrictions placed on cattle herding by the Japanese Shogun during the 17th century, the cattle experienced herd isolation, selective breeding, and unique feeding techniques that resulted in a very distinct meat.

Considered a delicacy, Wagyu beef (also known as Kobe beef) is renowned for its marbled texture, rich flavour and incredible tenderness.

As word of this incredible meat spread, many countries have tried to replicate the beef’s superiority.  Farms in America and Britain have crossbred Wagyu with Angus cattle in order to meet the demands of their countries, and they’ve even attempted to replicate the iconic Kobe traditions, providing their cow with daily massages and warm sake.  While the “Kobe-style” beef is very tasty, it’s not as distinctive as the original Japanese Wagyu.

Luckily for carnivores, Australia has the largest breed of Wagyu cattle outside Japan, and produces some of the tastiest meat around.  So when you next get hungry, remember to try this tasty delicacy. ”

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