What is Grass Fed Beef?


These days, everyone is looking for healthy versions of their favourite dishes and beef is no exception. There is currently a battle going on between grain fed beef, standard beef, and grass fed beef.  But what is grass fed beef? Is it really as healthy as everyone claims? What makes this meat so healthy?

Grass fed beef refers to the diet cows consume while grazing. As the name suggests, these cows are on a forage-only diet. Grass is the natural choice of food for cows and feeding requires that cows go out into the field, meaning they get exercise. For this reason, this type of meat contains high levels of (Vitamin A), beta-carotene and alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin E.) Grass fed beef also is free from any chemicals or hormones.
The exclusion of hormones means that the meat looks different in colour. Grass fed beef tends to look yellowish while hormone injected beef looks red. This difference is purely visible, taste and quality is in no way affected.

But the most important aspect of grass fed beef is the ratio of Omega fatty acids. A low ration of Omega- 6 to Omega- 3 acids are necessary to carry out our daily lives. They help reduce heart disease and improve the brain’s cognitive and behavioural functioning. Our body cannot produce these fatty acids on their own so we need to get them from meat. A 4:1 balance of Omega- 6 to Omega- 3 fatty acids is ideal for our bodies. Grass fed beef tends to have a lower ratio of Omega- 6 to Omega- 3, which helps our body stay fit. It is an extremely healthy choice as well as a tasty one.

As you can see, grass fed beef really is as healthy as experts claim and is a great choice for anyone! There is no need to sacrifice flavour in pursuit of health, as it also tastes the same as standard beef.

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