Why You Shoud Eat Organic Chicken

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The debate on organic chicken and its benefits continue as more and more chickens are being raised conventionally, using artificial enhances. It may be more expensive, but what you put on your plate is essential for the health of you and your whole family. We’ve compared the benefits of eating organic chicken as opposed to eating genetically modified chicken, so you can decide for yourself!

No Antibiotics Used

Chicken raised conventionally, or in a way that does not follow an organic program, are injected with antibiotics to prevent them from getting sick. This is because in conventional poultry farms, the chicken are very closely housed together. Because of this living condition, chickens are susceptible to disease and the antibiotics are a way of combating those diseases. The bad thing about this is that, the bacteria in the chicken may develop strains that are antibiotic-resistant, bacteria that can be passed to consumers.

With organic chicken, consumers won’t be faced with the possibility of getting antibiotic-resistant bacteria into their system. Likewise, since organic chicken are raised according to certain standards, chicken will have better living conditions.

Proper Labeling

The problem with non-organic chicken is that you don’t exactly know what you’re buying. Organic chicken products, on the other hand, are labeled properly, giving you the ability to know what you’re paying for. This is an effort to provide consumers with a safer food choice when they go to the store or grocery to buy their food.

More Nutritious

When compared with conventionally raised chickens, organic chickens are a lot more nutritious and better for the consumer. Organic chicken contains more omega-3 fat and higher levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids. The omega-3 fat can help lower the cholesterol in your body. Organic chicken, when compared to conventional chicken, also contain 65% less abdominal fat and has better muscle mass.

Better Living Conditions

Eating organic chicken is not only better for you but it’s also better for the chicken. When there is a demand for organic chicken, organic farmers will produce more of the type of chicken. In the process, more chicken will have better living conditions when they are being raised. In organic chicken farms, the chicken have the benefit of being raised outdoors and unconfined. The chicken can freely roam about and can properly eat, drink and get enough exercise. They can also defecate freely and naturally.

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