Butcherman is preparing for its biggest Xmas ever with pre-orders for succulent Hams surging 30.5%. Australia has had a bumper year with rising property prices and low unemployment rates and we think people will be celebrating around the Christmas table with delicious and succulent hams with all the trimmings - covered in honey, crackling or whatever you choose! 
Want to lock in a pre-order of ham and have it delivered to your doorstep? Then look no further. Butcherman is stocking up big with our range of succulent, hams ready to marinade, cook (or even wrap with prosciutto if you desire!)
Customers are able to register and shop for their favourite ham and have it delivered to their doorstep. Want to pre-order now? Simply enter your postcode and shop to your heart's content. 
When looking for the perfect ham there is no substitute for tasting one first. The ham should have a nice meaty texture and a good smokey flavour. If you are unable to try the ham before you buy it, there are some indicators to look for. Start by looking for a ham with smooth even skin and even rich colouring. I ham that is too pale has often not been smoked long enough and can lack a stong smokey flavour. On the other hand if the knuckle is sinken then it has probably been over cooked and will taste dry. The size of the ham can also affect the eating quality. Older pigs are usually alarger (over 12kg) and can be tough to eat. Small hams (under 8kg) might be tender but lack flavour. Hams around the 8 - 10kg mark are usually the most reliable. Of course the last and most important thing to ask your butcher is to make sure that any ham you buy is Australian owned.

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