Tenderloins are known as the thin, short cut that is taken from the breast of the chicken. This particular part of the bird is lean, so it reacts well to a whole slew of cooking methods. However, oil and other ingredients rich in sodium should be avoided while cooking with this cut because the meat is healthy enough on its own.

The best way to cook chicken tenderloins, though, is by tenderizing the meat ahead of time. When you do this, you are truly allowing the seasonings to soak right into the chicken tenderloins. Rubbing the tenderloins with low-fat and low-sodium seasonings like ground black pepper, smoked paprika, lime juice, basil and ground sage are also used here to spice up the meat. Citrus-based liquids are another kind of ingredient used to tenderize the meat.

In order to achieve the strongest, boldest flavor, the chicken tenderloins should then be placed in the refrigerator for a couple of hours to let the spices and herbs fully marinate. When you buy chicken tenderloins, you can cook it in a number of ways including grilling, baking, poaching, boiling, the list goes on. Any one of these options will leave you with a delicious piece of meat.