When you are thinking about preparing a stunning dinner or lunch for your family, it is time for you to buy chicken thighs. Though it is less common to see chicken thighs on restaurant menus than it is to see chicken breasts or drumsticks, the truth is that this part of the chicken has a lot going for it!

When you buy chicken thighs, any butcher will tell you that you are getting some of the tastiest parts of the chicken. The meat is lush and rich, and though it is still considered white meat, it has a wonderful savor that makes it stand out from the rest of the chicken. Chicken thighs are a fantastic way for you to get a little more flavor in the meal.

Chicken thighs can be used for anything that chicken breast can be used for, and whether you choose to pan-fry it, bake it, grill it or deep fry it, you will fall in love. Buy chicken thighs for chicken salad, to turn into chicken soup, to cook up for broth or to simply serve for an old-fashioned chicken dinner.

There's a lot more to chicken than just the breast and the legs, so explore, expand and try the thigh!