When you buy chicken at Butcherman you can be sure that you are getting high quality chicken that is hormone free. Chicken meat is high in protein and generally low in fat; it helps you build muscles and prevents bone loss.  It is also good for heart health and boosts your metabolism.  As if these reasons were not enough, it is also flavorful and a favourite meat for all the family.

At Butcherman, we sell high quality natural butterflied chicken that is free of hormones. This butterflied chicken has had the backbone removed so you can open the chicken like a book and lay it flat. This technique gives you a chicken that cooks faster and more evenly than a whole chicken.

Buy butterflied chicken from Butcherman and support local vendors from your area.  We guarantee the quality of the products of all our suppliers; if for any reason you are not satisfied, we will be happy to return your money or give you a refund.