Our Grass Fed Scotch is a cut from a rib roast. When cut into steaks, this Grass Fed Scotch Fillet is one of the most popular, flavourful and juicy steaks available. 

Our Grain Fed Scotch owes this juicy flavour to the way it is nutritionally fed. Grain fed cattle differ from grass fed cattle in the following way. All cattle are grass-fed at the beginning of their life cycle (up to two years). In the final months, grain-fed cattle move onto a feedlot for at least 60 days and are fed a nutritionally balanced, high-energy, grain-based feed. This feeding regime results in a consistent meat and fat colour, often with high levels of marbling.

At Butcherman.com.au we guarantee you get the highest quality Grass Fed Scotch available. Not only do we offer the most affordable meats home delivered in Sydney, as our suppliers will testify, our meat is of the highest grade available.