The meat from a kangaroo is high in protein and iron, low in saturated fat, is tender and delicious when not overcooked, and is environmentally friendly. Kangaroos produce less greenhouse gas methane than cattle, and their feet don't do damage to the fragile topsoil like the hard hooves of sheep and cows. 
Some cooks say the meat just melts in your mouth, there is a delicate gamey flavour, a slow-cooked kangaroo soup with wine and chicken is divine, and ground or minced kangaroo meat can be a substitute in recipes where minced beef is normally called for. The smaller cousin, the wallaby, has a quality so high that you can even eat it raw.
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Try a plateful of braised kangaroo with native fruits. Perhaps savor a tenderloin prepared as a stir-fry or a rich and thick Kangaroo Stew. 
When you are ready to buy kangaroo meat, we will be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect cuts for your anticipated recipes.
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