Butcherman.com.au lets you order meat and produce from butcher shops and other food vendors that don’t traditionally offer an online e-commerce and delivery service. It also enables customers to get better, fresher goods than they would from their local supermarket, and at better prices than they would see at a farmer’s market. We pride ourselves on connecting consumers like you with top quality organic meat that would be otherwise difficult to source. 
The Butcherman vision is simple: 
1. We want to change the way people eat, making it easier for customers to buy fresh, organic and ethically farmed meat from butcher shops and food vendors nearby.

2. We offer farmer’s market-quality goods without the hassle of actually going to the farmer’s market. While our initial focus is meat products, in time we will aggregate goods from a number of different vendors to offer up not just meat from local butcher shops and meat wholesales, but also fruit, vegetables, dairy, baked goods and confectionary.

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