Sausages are always a crowd pleaser whether it’s beef, pork, chicken or lamb. The most common sausages are the first three. Lamb Sausages have been produced over hundreds of years - mainly in Greece and Turkey - but also in other countries where sausages are air dried and where, for religious or weather reasons, pork is not eaten. Lamb makes delicious sausages because of its excellent meat-to-fat ratio. Just simply barbecue the sausages and add with the salad.  It is perfect for a summers evening gathering match with a glass of wine together with friends and family.
Our selection of sausages is broad and sure to contain something suited to your palate. We offer a wide variety of traditional Italian style pork sausages, as well as cabanossi.  Those with more of a taste for lamb or chicken sausages will find their preferences thoroughly represented, as well. Many of our products feature pork and beef in combination, inviting even the most gastronomically inclined to spend time perusing the selection. 
 All of our spices and cheeses are as fresh as our meat is - your sausage is guaranteed to be both flavorful and perfectly suited to whatever dish you choose to prepare it in. But with sausages like ours, you can be sure that, no matter what you do, it will be delicious. To easily get the best tasting Sausage in the world, shop safely & securely with us and we will deliver it to your home with all its freshness in tact. We are committed to delivering better, fresher goods than you would find from your local supermarket, and at better prices than you would see at a farmer’s market.  
With our over 40 years of expertise in the butcher business in Sydney, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our gourmet sausage products. But, if for any reason you are not satisfied with our product we will promptly refund your money or we will be glad to replace the product. We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality meats (MSA, inglewood & CAAB certified) and freshest ingredients to produce our sausages. This allows us to provide you with nothing but the quality you demand and deserve.