Barramundi is Australia’s favorite fish and is known to many parts of the world as Asian Sea Bass.  It is called “The Sustainable Seabass” in Australia because it has the same sweet, flavor and meaty texture as other Seabass,  but its unique eco-friendly profile makes it unlike any other fish available. Barramundi seabass has a mild buttery flavor and a dense meaty texture and  It’s not a ‘fishy fish’ and just about everyone love it even kids, It’s healthy,  delicious and affordable.
If you are thinking of including Barramundi on your menu tonight, shop at Butcherman just place your order online and we will deliver it right to your doorstep with all its freshness intact. No need to go out and avoid the hassle of standing in long lines at your favourite supermarket. At Butcherman, we pride ourselves on supplying the freshest seafood online, delivered in the most convenient way - direct to your door. Whether it’s salmon from Tasmania or barramundi or tiger prawns from Queensland, we source only the finest seafood for our customers across Sydney.  Australian fishing zone is the third largest in the world and Seafood is the fifth most valuable protein source for Australians.
The products we deliver are certified by Meat Standards Australia (MSA) and by other such Australian organizations for meat quality such as Inglewood & CAAB. With our convenient home-delivery service, you can rest assured that you will receive the best seafood every time. You can shop safely & securely with us, with over 40 years of expertise in the butcher business, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our seafood and meat products. But, if for any reason you are not satisfied with our product we will promptly refund your money or we will be glad to replace the product.

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