Butcherman offers farmer’s market-quality goods without the hassle of actually going to the farmer’s market. While it will start off with a focus on meat products, in time it will aggregate goods from a number of different vendors to offer up not just meat from local butcher shops and meat wholesaler.

Veal meat comes from young calves and is distinguishable by it's light colour. This pale colour comes from the fact that the calves are fed on a mostly milk diet making them very tender to eat.

Butcherman offers veal schnitzel in two styles. As a plain thinly sliced product, ideal for many of your traditional European dishes but more often veal schnitzel is crumbed and one of the more popular products sold form our veal range. A real kids favourite.

When buying online from Butcherman you can be assured that we only sell the best of Australian produce sourced from farms accross the country. By offering you a choice of many vendors Butcherman can offer the greatest range of products, the most amount of delivery options and the most competive prices of any online market place.