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Welcome To Butcherman

Butcherman is Australia’s first online marketplace for butchers and farmers. Our website allows customers to choose from hundreds of butchers all of who will cut, vacuum pack and deliver your meat fresh to your doorstep. Enter your postcode on the homepage and then use our filtering system so that Butcherman can help choose the butcher most suited to your needs. Your order is automatically sent through to any one of our hundreds of 5 star vendors and you will receive fresh and high quality meat delivered at a time that suits you. Top quality, ethically farmed and delicious. Our aim is to make you say & "Wow" and never buy meat at the supermarket again.


Buy meat online. Whether you are looking for grass fed beef, lamb, chicken, beef or pork, our butchers and farmers have what you are looking for.

Farm Fresh

We have gool ol' fashion Australian farmers who are doing it tough to provide you with farmer's quality meat and produce, grown from their farms. Straight from the farm to your doorstep guarantees unbridled freshness and quality.


Buy beautiful organic produce from vendors that you wouldn't ordinarily be able to shop with. We have unique providers that don't sell on other websites or to the public. Try them out.

Guaranteed Fresh

Guaranteed Fresh

Vacuum sealed + Cooler Bags + Refrigerated Trucks

We have various methods in place so you don’t have to worry about the freshness of your meat!

Butcher Bucks

Butcher Bucks are back!

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Product Review

4.7 out of 5 4.7 from 58 reviews

I love this. So easy for someone with mobility issues to get proper butcher sales.

Well packed, polite and punctual delivery. I have been buying from Butcherman for many years now, getting on for twenty, I think. Meat is always good, well butchered unlike supermarket meat which often is very poorly cut. Flavour is great and I feel I get good value for what I spend. Quality is very good, both of meat and service. In all those years there has been one minor slip up in the order and this was rectified promptly and politely. I wish I could say that of other online food orders which I have used for about the same length of time. I recommend Butcherman to family and friends.

5 out 5 all 5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 15, 2016

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